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Lynwood North Home Owners Association
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The LNHA Board of Directors works hard on behalf of association residents to keep dues low while providing and maintaining community resources and common property. Dues are collected annually and can be paid by mail or paid online.

To pay your dues online please click the "Buy Now" button below. The association uses Paypal, a reputable, secure and trustworthy service to process your online payments. After clicking the "Buy Now" button you will see a page that shows your annual dues amount and will allow you to input your information and payment.

Please Note: Dues are currently $42 per year. You will see a slightly higher amount when paying online. The difference represents the fees charged to the association to process your debit/credit card payment. Federal law mandates that as a homeowners association LNHA is required to collect 100% of dues levied so any debit/credit card processing fees cannot be paid by the association.

By the time you pay 40+ cents for a stamp, the cost of an envelope combined the time savings and convenience of paying online that the extra dollar will be worth it. The good news is that you have a choice and should you choose you may continue to submit your payments via mail. You'll find the associations mailing address on the
contact us page.

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